Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When I am weak, He is made strong

This may sound a little out of the ordinary, but God has been speaking to me a lot about confirmation. So many times we can get caught up in decisions, big decisions, that will change our life. We go over them again and again and again in our minds. Pro's and con's, pro's and con's pro's and con's. Pro's or con's? We can see the same thing in two totally different lights. How we look at it will change everything, that's what's so scary sometimes. It's like you can't really trust yourself because your opinion about the decision is always changing. A new pro comes into factor, a new con. We as Christians are very familiar with this mind process. So we look for confirmation from God in different ways to give us clarity on where He is leading through our leaders, a bible verse, friends, a sentence some random person spoke to you that happened to somehow subliminally mention your circumstance.

I personally get a little too caught up in this sometimes. Too often I am asking God for confirmation and rarely am I finding it in my time of prayer. I've been too concerned with the form of confirmation instead of with God's opinion and His heart.

I feel like I might not be the only one who is guilty of this. How many times do we seek approval from everyone else, seek opinions and counsel from everyone but God. 

When I realized what I was doing, I honestly became completely disinterested in my "big decisions." I didn't care. I don't care. God's presence and His voice are so much more valuable than even my plans or His plans for me. It was then and only then that clarity came.

Because in my weakness, He is made strong.

Hey Anelisse,

    It's great to hear what you're doing in order to fund raise and how you have high goals. I love all the creative ideas! A good amount for you to come to DTS in September would be 2,000 Euros. But if you don't have that, that is totally fine. We absolutely believe here in YWAM Herrnhut that if God has called you to come do a school with us, HE WILL PROVIDE AT ALL COSTS! I came to DTS with only 100 euros in my pocket and I was able to see God provide in miraculous ways for my outreach and lecture phase. I took a step in faith knowing  that "I'm supposed to be here" and God saw that and provided. So Anelisse, don't let money control your life or decisions. If you feel like God is sending you here, then come! Get a plane ticket and simply come. We have prayed over your application and we truly felt like you should be here for this time. Please think about these things and reflect why God has directed you here. Money is not bigger than God; God is the creator of money and has all the money in the world He can freely give to you.

 - Taylor M. Pool

Please consider supporting me this Fall through prayer, finances, or encouragement.
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing opportunity.

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